Monday, August 2, 2010

Too kind

If there is such a thing.

As this comic points out, I'm pretty much a douche to all my neighbors in Animal Crossing: City Folk unless they're from my old Wild World town. Even though there are a ton of different animals, there's only a handful of personalities. So if you have one cheery girl, you essentially have them all. But I don't care. I want Peanut.

This comic also implies I don't like compliments about my art stuff, which is not true, unless your an animal I don't like. I'm usually very thankful for kind words.

I often draw myself in a bunch of different shirt designs, but the Watchmen design Nana and I are wearing in the comic is actually the only one I've ever bothered to make in the game:

Cue Nat "King" Cole's "Unforgettable."

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myacwwdiary said...

My... Peanut... moved out of Mitsukyo today! *big grin*

Aww Rasher, he's sooo cool! I like him a lot! :D