Monday, October 3, 2011

Juliet Vs. Fenix Base Colors

C'mon Marcus, quit bein' a wuss.

Nothing terribly interesting in this update. I just made a bunch of layer masks and put down the base colors for the "painting" phase.

So let's talk about something else. When I started drawing this, I thought about using fellow chainsaw wielder Jack Cayman from Mad World instead of Fenix. I decided against that eventually because I wasn't sure what to do with his palette. In Mad World, he and the rest of the game are solid black and white, similar to Frank Miller's Sin City, and I thought that'd be too much of a contrast to Juliet's very colorful presentation. He is getting more color in his "guest star" appearance in the upcoming game Anarchy Reigns, but I couldn't find many decent reference images to go by.

That black and white/colorful contrast might've actually made for an interesting image, but I also went with Fenix because 1) there's a lot of hype around Gears of War now that the third game is out, and 2) I thought it'd be cool to pit a Japanese developed character against an American developed one (and Jack was created by the Japan based Platinum Games).

But nothing's stopping another fan artist from making an awesome Juliet vs. Fenix vs. Jack pic.

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